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American Mortgage Consultants (“AMC”) Introduces DynAMC Solutions (“DynAMC”) for Non-Mortgage Asset-Backed Loans and Securities
DynAMC Solutions expands and solidifies AMC’s commitment to non-mortgage lending and securitization. Services include loan review and consulting on assets backed by marketplace, auto and personal loans.

NEW YORK - American Mortgage Consultants today announced the introduction of DynAMC Solutions (“DynAMC”), offering services for non-mortgage asset-backed loans and securities including marketplace, auto and personal loans. Services include loan file diligence, surveillance, securitization support and consulting.

AMC has offered loan services and consulting across asset-backed lending areas previously through its AMC Diligence operating entity. The launch of DynAMC formalizes and deepens the offerings with a new business unit, technology and team.

“Throughout the industry there is strong demand for top quality diligence, data integrity and disclosure across all asset types,” said AMC CEO Michael Franco. “DynAMC solidifies our commitment to creating value for participants in the asset-backed arena and is a continuation of AMC’s focus on expanding offerings. We believe our rated securitization experience, as executed through residential mortgage backed securities, translates well into the asset-backed securities sector and provides a competitive advantage to issuers facing increasing disclosure requirements.”

DynAMC’s services are highly customizable and include data integrity, credit and elements of consumer compliance as part of loan file reviews on newly originated assets. Services for seasoned loan transactions include loan modification, servicing, servicing transfer and collateral reviews. DynAMC also offers consulting services, including operational and servicing reviews. ABS securitization activity is supported through regulatory filings including Form ABS-15E or Data Integrity Review reports and Asset Representation Review services for asset-backed lending.

DynAMC is supported by technology offered through AMC’s proprietary underwriting system with specific review scopes and staff trained for non-mortgage assets including marketplace, auto, personal, consumer, credit card and student loans. These systems support both standardized and customized income calculation methodologies allowing lenders and investors to normalize debt-to-income ratio (“DTI”) calculations across proprietary methodologies.

Industry veteran Kevin O’Hare joined AMC as a senior vice president overseeing the product and new business development for DynAMC. O’Hare brings more than 20 years of diverse structured finance and capital markets experience including securitization, asset origination due diligence, servicing surveillance/oversight, transaction advisory, asset and collateral management, and litigation.

“Kevin’s structured finance and capital markets experience brings a valuable perspective to the needs of participants in the asset-backed market,” Franco said. O’Hare will be based out of AMC’s New York office location.

About AMC
American Mortgage Consultants (AMC), founded in 1996, is a leading nationwide residential and consumer loan due diligence, quality control, securitization review, MSR review, advance assessment, servicing oversight, and consulting services (operational and counterparty assessment) provider. AMC’s solutions are customizable and are catered towards Wall Street, banking, government agency, REIT, hedge fund, private equity, mortgage and bond insurer, originators, and mortgage servicing clients nationwide. With a market-leading team of mortgage professionals and nationwide reach, AMC creates solutions for our clients large and small. For more: www.amcfirst.com and www.dynamcsolutions.com

Kevin O’Hare - Senior Vice President
O: 646-783-2077
C: 917-445-1634

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In the News:
Feb 24, 2017
American Mortgage Consultants (“AMC”) Introduces DynAMC Solutions (“DynAMC”) for Non-Mortgage Asset-Backed Loans and Securities

About AMC:

American Mortgage Consultants is a leading nationwide provider of mortgage due diligence and consulting services to a wide variety of market participants including, but not limited to: banks, funds, mortgage originators, insurance companies, REITs, and GSEs. With a market leading team of mortgage professionals, AMC can create solutions for both large and small clients that are tailored to meet their specific needs.

Please visit www.amcfirst.com for additional details or contact Head of Sales and Marketing Tom Britt at tombritt@amcfirst.com.

DynAMC clients include

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